Monday, 15 August 2022

The Right Pump Shaft Alignment Tool To Fix Misalignment Efficiently

pump shaft alignment tool

Your pump needs to perform optimally for you to enjoy maximum benefits. Shaft misalignment can impact its reliability, reduce performance, or even stop working altogether. Having the right pump shaft alignment tool can help resolve any misalignments. 

In this article, we’ll look at some important things you need to know about pump shaft alignment. Keep reading. 

What is a Pump Shaft Alignment Tool?

An alignment tool is used to check the alignment of shafts and motor bearings without necessarily having to dismantle the pump. The tool checks alignment in areas that are hard to access. 

Sets usually include a roller chain that has posts and an extension clamp. One or two clamps may have dial indicators and accessories in a hard case. 

Is Alignment Important for Your Pump?

Yes. Proper alignment is essential. Your pump shaft must be aligned well with the driver to ensure maximum reliability. Misalignment increases vibration and great efficiency. To ensure the best applications, expertise, time, and instruments are required. 

Your pump shaft needs to have maximum precision to prevent issues like short bearing life and seal leakage.  

How to Check Misalignment

 It’s easy for any expert to check and identify misalignment of the shaft. An expert will measure different sections along the vertical and horizontal planes to determine misalignment. Additionally, the technician will also need to know whether the misalignment (if any) is parallel, angular, or usually both.        

How to Fix Pump Shaft Misalignment          

There are several ways of fixing misalignments in pumps. The most common method for repairing misalignment is known as close coupling. It’s a method used in joining the motor and pump by mounting the motor on the pump directly. Perfect close coupling repair ought to result in precise alignment and secure hold. 

Precise alignment of the pump shaft will minimize breakdowns and increase your uptime. It also reduces delays and maximizes your production. Misalignment on the flip side can reduce your reliability, lower your uptime, and affect your overall productivity. 


Pump shaft misalignment is a mechanical issue that many are likely to ignore but can cost you big time in the long run. As mentioned, misalignment can affect your reliability and reduce production. It can even cause injuries. A pump shaft alignment tool can help you fix any misalignments quickly and effectively – you won’t need to dismantle the machine, which can cause a lot of delays.